Blogging for Business – Making Time

by blogmistress on May 25, 2011

One of the biggest problems for businesses who want to blog is finding the time to blog. This is especially true for small businesses that don’t have a lot of staff. One of the things that I have found helpful is coming up with an editorial calendar and planning ahead.

First, brainstorm blog topic ideas. Think of questions you can answer for your readers and updates you can give them about what is going on in your industry. Start a list of blog topics that you can constantly be updating, revising and adding to.

Second, assign blog topics to days on the calendar. Plan on how often you want to post and write the blog topics in on the appropriate days.

Third, write when you can. You don’t have to write each article on the assigned day. You just need to publish on the assigned day. When you have some time, sit down and write several articles and then just save them as drafts or schedule them to publish in advance on the appropriate day.

Commitment to Blogging

Commitment - "Sucess seems to be largely a matter of hanging on when others have let go." ~ William Feather

Blogging for Business can be a very effective way to communicate with your target audience and keep in touch with your customers. Having so much more content available to be found by search engines and people alike can be a great asset for your business. What is really required more than anything else is commitment. You have to be committed to the process. You won’t always feel like taking the time to sit down and write, but the effort will pay off. It is like an exercise program. Sticking with it is the key. For an exercise program to be effective, you have to stay after it. It is the same way with blogging.

Find the time to blog and make the commitment!

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