Who’s In Your Hood?

by CDW on June 21, 2010

The saying in real estate is “location, location, location!” Where you locate your business matters. You want to be in a good neighborhood. If you are selling clothing for children, you obviously do not want to be located next to an adult novelty store!

The same goes in the internet world. Where is your site located? Do you have good neighbors? I was researching a site this morning that was on a server with over 5,000 other sites. Of those sites, 5 were tagged as being potentially “adult oriented” and that could hurt the innocent site I was researching. If search engine filters decide that you are in a bad neighborhood it will impact every site on that server. They could potentially put a block on that IP!

What if you are in a neighborhood with spammers? Or even a neighborhood with sites that use the host mail server to send out a lot of emails or load lots of un-optimized pictures? These servers could be affected not only by being flagged, but also by being really slowed down while the server is processing the sending of all those emails or downloading all of those photos.

How do you know who’s in your neighborhood? Go to You Get Signal and check out the reverse IP domain check. If you see any problems, contact your hosting company and let them know your concerns. Don’t let bad neighbors hurt your business!

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