The HubSpot Conversion Process

by Admin on June 2, 2011

convert visitors to leadsHubSpot uses a process to garner leads from your website. In its simplest form, the steps in the process are:

  1. Get Found
  2. Convert
  3. Analyze

Today I’m going to talk about the “Convert” part of that process. Many internet marketers spend all of their time in the Get Found step. And while it is important to get qualified visitors to your site, it is just as important what you do with them once they are there. Clients say to us all the time, “if I can get them to my site, they’ll buy.” This may be true for some, but not all, products and services.

Most business owners think that their Sales Funnel is shorter than it is. For those who don’t know, the length of your sales funnel is the time between when a potential customer has first contact with your company to when that potential customer becomes a customer. Usually, the higher the price of a product or service, the longer the sales funnel.

With HubSpot, you draw potential customers into your sales funnel by using “offers”. The HubSpot software helps you create buttons and landing pages for your offers. Offers can be anything from the downloading of a free eBook or White Paper to a free 30 minute Consultation or Demo.

The free downloads are called “top of the funnel” offers. These are offers that are made early in the sales process. For these offers, you require that the potential customer give you minimal information such as a name and email address. The free consultation or demo offers are called “bottom of the funnel” offers. Potential customers usually accept these offers when they are close to making a purchase decision. For these offers, you require more information such as a telephone number along with the name and email address.

Once a potential customer accepts any of your offers, they become a lead. The HubSpot software then helps you track and nurture that lead until they become a customer or leave the funnel. HubSpot can also integrate with and other CRMs.

The HubSpot system is all about converting website visitors into leads and then those leads into customers. What are you doing to convert your visitors?

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