Social Media Marketing: Never-Ending Party!

by blogmistress on February 21, 2011

As a small business owner, you may be a member of a Chamber of Commerce. Often these types of organizations offer the opportunity to network via after-hour events, breakfasts and luncheons. At these events you get to meet with other business owners in your community and possibly get to know them a bit. You exchange business cards, you chit-chat, learn about their business and, hopefully, let them know about your business as well.

social media marketing

What if, you could go to an event like this and everyone there had shown some interest in y0ur business? What if you could provide interesting information to them that they could really use? What if they were asking you questions about your business and you were able to have a conversation with your customers and potential customers in a personal exchange? What if your other friends joined in the conversation and helped you generate interest in your product or services. And, what if this was going on 24 hours a day/7 days a week and you could join in whenever, day or night?

That is what social media allows you to do. Think about how you might use a social media outlet such as Facebook. The people who “like” your page have shown interest in what you are doing. You can provide valuable information to them. You can make them feel special by providing coupons and incentives and extra information that can help them and can generate interest in your product or service. People can ask you questions and you can have online conversations with them.

People can interact with you when it is convenient for them (which may not be during regular business hours). You absolutely should take advantage of opportunities to network in person, but by adding social media marketing, you enhance all of your other interactions.

Even better, with social media marketing, there is no awkward trying to hold a drink and shaking hands at the same time!

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Social media marketing let’s you network with a targeted group that has already shown interest in your business.
  2. Social media marketing is not limited by time or even necessarily by geographical boundaries. You can expand your reach!

Next Steps:

  1. Resolve to offer engaging content and interaction in your social media marketing. Need a little help understanding the social media terminology? Check out this Social Media Terms Glossary from our partner Hubspot.
  2. Download the Facebook for Business 101 eBook for help with using Facebook for your business.

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