7 Deadly Internet Marketing Sins

by Admin on November 3, 2009

Are you committing any of these deadly sins? Repent! Your bottom line will thank you!

  1. Not optimizing for search engines. If you aren’t being found by search engines, to many people, you are invisible.
  2. Not optimizing for your customer. Once you are found by your potential customer, be valuable and relevant!
  3. No call to action (or not a clear call to action). Don’t assume that a visitor to your site knows that you want them to contact you or buy your product. Make it clear what you would like them to do. The number 1 way to get what you want? ASK!
  4. No targeted landing pages. Don’t assume that everyone who visits your site will come in through the home page and then proceed from there. Make all your pages relevant and targeted.
  5. Flash/Splash pages. If you have any page on your site that has to say “click to enter” or “skip intro” get rid of it! It is just a barrier.
  6. Not optimizing for speed. If visitors to your site have to wait for all your non-optimized pictures and graphics to load – you’ve lost them!
  7. Not keeping it up to date. So you had a sale last year? Your customer doesn’t care! Having a sale today, that is another story!

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