2010 SEO Trends

by Admin on December 17, 2009

Having an online presence has been very important for businesses in the past years but it is becoming even more so in today’s world and will continue to grow in importance.  And, of even more importance will be SEO (search engine optimization). Businesses will find that static websites will no longer cut it as consumers have become more and more tech savvy and expect more from their internet experience with websites.

Social media will definitely play more of a role in the coming year, as businesses discover that it is a very cost effective and easy way to connect and communicate with their customers and potential customers. Social media outlets such as Facebook continue to grow and businesses need to be where their customers are!

Blogging can also play an effective role in SEO in 2010. Search engines reward fresh content and a blog is one of the easiest ways to provide it. Many small businesses that have been reluctant to enter the blogging world will need to overcome their objections in order to find a cost effective way to provide that fresh content their customers are looking for.

CMS (content management system) is another tool that businesses can utilize to keep content fresh and up to date. Web designers are (or should be) switching from designing static, brochure style websites that businesses have to use them to update, to more interactive websites that businesses can update themselves.

Small businesses especially can benifit from the trends developing in SEO. In fact, it is to their peril if they don’t!

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