Website Pet Peeves

by Admin on December 31, 2009

Okay, it is the end of the year. Let’s see what pet peeves people have about websites!

  1. Websites that automatically start playing music or a video. People don’t seem to object to music or video being on a site, they just want the option of playing them or not.
  2. Slow loading pages. This one has visitors leaving sites in droves!
  3. Clicking on a menu item and a .pdf starts opening. Again, they don’t really mind a .pdf if they know it’s coming. .pdfs can be slow to load at times and they just want a little warning!
  4. No clear contact information. Okay, they are at your site, they like what you’ve got, now, how do they contact you? Especially, when people are ordering online, they would like to see a phone number to call if there is a problem and they need to actually talk to a real live person.
  5. Out of date sites. They have been looking all over the web for exactly what they found on your page and then find out that you no longer carry that product or the great sale that is advertised on the site was over 2 years ago.
  6. Under construction pages. It is just frustrating to think you have found what you are looking for, just to find out that the page is “under construction.” Why not just finish the construction and then post the page?
  7. Anything flashing. Hey, they are trying to read here, will you get rid of that annoying, distracting flashing thing on the page?
  8. Splash intro pages. Okay, these are for designers to show off what they can do – they do nothing for your business. How often do you you click on “skip intro” on pages like that?
  9. Unclear navigation. If you want me to click on something, you better put the link where I can find it and move around easily. Links all over the page just confuse me.
  10. Dead links. People really hate clicking on a link and getting a 404 – page not found error.

Okay, these are a few of our pet peeves. What about yours?

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