1st Steps for Beginning Business Bloggers

by blogmistress on May 11, 2011

1st Steps for Business Bloggers

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You may have been thinking about starting to blog for your business but you just didn’t know where to start. One good way to start is to see what others are doing. Read other business blogs. Obviously, you are reading this blog (which we really appreciate) and hopefully you are getting content you can use. When you are reading blogs look for:

  • What questions are being answered. Often business bloggers will keep in mind the types of questions they are getting from their customers.
  • What type of content is being delivered. There are several different types of content. Long narratives, lists, quick takes. What kind of content do you think is most effective? What type of content might you feel most comfortable writing about?
  • What kind of call to action (if any) is offered. Is there anything on the blogs you read that gives readers a way to convert in to customers?
  • Is it human? I know that seems like a funny question, but sometimes do you read and think you might like to see a little of the writers personality coming through? Sometimes that human element can help people decide to do business with you.

Even if you have already started blogging, reading other business blogs is a good idea. You may find some articles that will really resonate with you that you could write about. A few of the blogs that I read regularly and recommend are:

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Blog – This blog is written by our partner company, Hubspot. They have a lot of great articles focused on inbound marketing.

Seth Godin – I like Seth Godin’s blog because he always puts a new and interesting twist on marketing and has written some great books as well. Definitely, take time to check him out.

CopyBlogger – At CopyBlogger, you not only get a lot of great marketing information, you get great tips about how to present it, particularly on a blog!

ASBTDC-ASU – Of course our list wouldn’t be complete without our friend, Herb Lawrence at the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center over at Arkansas State University. Herb offers information for small businesses not only about marketing but about government programs that can help small business, consulting and much more.

I also enjoy reading business blogs that are outside my own industry. There are blogs for just about every type of business out there. Are there any in your local area? Check it out and see. If not, that is even a better opportunity for you!

Don’t forget, if you are in the area, you can sign up for the ASBTDC blogging seminar. Yours Truly will be speaking and if you are interested in growing your business through blogging, you can come find out how to do it effectively at this seminar. Would love to see you!

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