#1 Way Your Business Can Save Money

by CDW on August 2, 2010

save money

Don't let your money fly out the window!

What is one of the best ways your small business can save money? Do it right the first time! Sounds easy, right? However, many businesses waste a lot of money on having to re-do or re-try things that they just didn’t get right. Why didn’t they get it right? Maybe, they needed to do more research, talk to more people, work on their plan.

Everyone has probably had that feeling of  “Wish I’d have known this when I started.” Don’t you hate that? This week, let’s all vow to do it right the first time. Take the time to do the research and ask the right questions.

One great resource for research is your Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The SBDC in our area is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. They provide fantastic research and analysis for small businesses for free! Can’t beat that. To locate an SBDC near you check out the SBDC locator.

Also, read relevant news for your industry. See what is current and updated information. If you are looking for resources outside your business, ask for references and get referrals. Talk to your customers and get their ideas.

This week let’s save some money and DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

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