Why PPC Ads Don’t Always Work

by Admin on March 29, 2012

How many times have you clicked a PPC ad for something specific that you were searching for only to be taken to some website’s home page. Once there, you have to search the website for what it was you were looking for. I’ve asked people why they do this with their PPC ad campaigns and they either don’t know or they want visitors to look around their whole website.

Wrong answer! It’s not about you, it’s about your customer. Sending a PPC ad clicker to your home page is akin to having an ad for iPhones in front of your store and then when someone comes in your store and asks “Where are your iPhones?” You say, “They’re here somewhere, have a look around the store. I’m sure you’ll find them.” It’s not good customer service.

When people are searching on the internet (Google, Bing, etc), they are usually looking for something specific. If your PPC ad is for that specific something, they don’t want to click on it and have to start their search all over again from your website’s home page. They want to be taken to a page on your website that is about the specific item they are searching for.

This is not rocket science, folks. You have three seconds to convince someone to stay on your site. Your website visitor decides in that three seconds whether or not she is going to find what she is looking for on your site.

If you are doing PPC ads and you want those ads to be as effective as possible, have a specific landing page tailored for that ad to send the visitor to. Don’t send them to your home page.


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