The Art of the Deal

by blogmistress on March 4, 2009


Going through my daily reads, I ran across a couple of lines that caught my interest over at CopyBlogger:

People who think art is sacred and marketing is dirty tend to be terrible marketers and marginal artists.

People who think art is irrelevant and marketing is about tricking people into buying stuff they don’t need tend to be terrible marketers and worse human beings.

The struggle between art and marketing. I like this. Having known artists who insisted that they had to be true to their art and couldn’t lift a finger to help sell their art (although they want someone else to dirty their hands to do just that) and, also, having know the marketer who doesn’t see the art just sees how to sell it, quite the conundrum.

Obviously, the best comes from authentically, embracing both the art and marketing. The main point, being authentic. Interesting.

photo by incurable_hippie at flickr creative commons

2 comments on “The Art of the Deal

  1. Mari' on said:

    Art gets marketed and marketing is art.

  2. Christi on said:

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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