Some Misconceptions About Pay Per Click Advertising

by blogmistress on November 27, 2012

Many business owners have misconceptions about Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. The following is a list of a few misconceptions we have compiled from clients and potential clients.

  • PPC advertising (or increasing your PPC budget) will get you a higher organic ranking on that search engine. The search engines have never made this claim. In fact, they usually deny it. PPC advertising will have no impact on your organic ranking. If it did, the search engine would loose all credibility.
  • It is best to link your PPC ad to your homepage. In reality, you should link your PPC ad to a landing page specifically tailored to the keywords used for your ad. This page should also have a call to action, such as an offer for something free, that the visitor can receive by filling out a form or calling a special number. Answering this call to action converts the visitor into a lead.
  • The best measure of PPC success is the number of ads clicked on (click through rate). Usually, the best measure of success in a PPC campaign is the number of new leads/customers it generates (i.e. conversion rate).
  • Ad clickers become leads or customers on the same day they click on the ad. Not necessarily. It is not uncommon for half of your ad clickers to wait 10 or more days before filling out your conversion form and becoming a lead.

These are just four misconceptions about PPC advertising; there are many more.

If you need help with your PPC Advertising Campaign, give us a call at 504.450.6912.

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