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by blogmistress on October 3, 2011

Marketing Strategy has changed a great deal over the years. Today, I am speaking to a group of local high school students. In addition to showing them how to add projects to their WordPress website, I was asked to talk to them about my business and about being in business. My business, Wharton Marketing, is about internet marketing and using marketing strategies to support your business strategy.

The job that I am doing now did not exist when I graduated from college and certainly did not exist when I graduated high school. As fast as technology is moving, I suspect the same may be true for these high school students. They may end up with jobs that do not exist right now. For many students starting college, what they learn the year they start will be obsolete by the time they graduate.

So what remains? While students today (and even business owners like me) must be committed to always learning and growing, some things actually don’t change. In marketing, it will always be important to provide value to your customer. The platform for how you market and even the methods may change, but the value you offer your customer must remain a top priority.

I would also maintain that honesty and integrity should remain a priority. Our world is going through much turmoil right now. While this turmoil surely won’t go on forever, those who come out on the other end with their honesty and integrity intact will be the sure winners. Desperate times sometimes lead people to do desperate things. However, the degradation of conscience can cause long term damage.

Today’s students certainly have challenges ahead. It is my hope that the ones that embrace value, honesty, integrity and, last but not least, innovation will be the ones that will be the leaders of tomorrow. What do you think?



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