Is it a Conversation or a Broadcast

by Admin on October 16, 2009

A conversation or a broadcast? Or maybe another way to put it is are you a business or a person? Businesses are made up of people. People want to connect to people not businesses. This is a good point when it comes to using social media for your business.

So, you have a business page. Your business page cannot comment on what people are doing in the news feed, but, it can interact with anyone who comments on it posts. And, since your business is made up of people, you have personal profiles connected. Personal profiles can interact with other personal profiles. Are you interacting?

Interacting means commenting on other peoples pictures, status, videos, etc. Don’t be one that only responds to people who comment on you. As interesting as you may be, if you are only posting what you are doing and responding when someone comments on what you are doing, you are broadcasting, not having a conversation. Look around at what other people are doing. You may find some of it interesting. If you do, leave a comment. If someone posts an interesting video or story, comment and then pass it along.

Social media for businesses is all about connecting and interacting. As my father once told me “If you are not interested in what other people are doing, why should they be interested in you?” That is a good point, not just for businesses using social media but for life in general.

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