Still Wondering If Your Business Needs to Blog?

by Admin on September 23, 2009

It’s a good question. Here is another good question. Are you passionate about your business?

Really, in order to sustain a business blog, you should be passionate about your subject. If you are not passionate about your business, you really need to be asking yourself other questions than “should I blog?” (Perhaps, why am I not doing what I’m passionate about?)

But, if you are passionate about your business and what you are doing, blogging is a great way to share that passion.

So, if you do decide to blog, you may be wondering what is in it for you. Technorati reports on The State of the Blogosphere.  They are reporting:

Most Professional and Corporate Bloggers have benefited professionally

The majority of corporate and professional bloggers have seen a positive impact as a result of their blog. Half are better known in their industry, and one in four have used their blog as a resume enhancement. Fewer than one in ten have seen a negative impact from blogging and one in three have yet to see an impact.

Impact of Blogging on Professional Life

Impacts on Professional Life

If you are passionate about your work. Think about ways that a blog could enhance your business.

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