Do You Care?

by blogmistress on February 4, 2009


On my other blog A Southern Life, I recently wrote a post about my father and some of his sayings. My father died at the age of 54 of cancer. What amazed me about that post was the response from people who either knew him or someone like him. The impact he had on other’s lives was because he cared about people.

I’m writing about this on this blog because it has a business application. The impact you and your business have is directly related to how much you care.

Here is an example. My husband and I recently went out to breakfast at a new restaurant. The waitress was friendly and did a good job. Unfortunately, the cook (who was the owner) didn’t really care. The food did not look at all appetizing and didn’t have anything about it that was at all special. Basically, the owner didn’t care. We were disappointed and won’t be going back.

What your customers want is to know that you care enough to offer them a service that is worth something. We know that when we go to a fine dining establishment that offers impeccable service and excellent food we will probably pay more but it is okay because it is worth it.

Is the product or service that you offer worth what you give in return? Do you care about your customers and try to offer them a good return on their investment?

Learn a lesson from Daddy. It pays to care.

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