Customer Success Matters!

by blogmistress on June 22, 2011

customer successMost businesses keep an eye on their bottom line and are interested in their own success. That is as it should be. However, how bought in are you to your customer’s success? This question occurred to me when a customer of ours recently told me that she liked us because we really cared about her business and wanted it to be successful. She hadn’t worked with a marketing company that was concerned about her business as much as they were about their own. I thought that was an interesting thought. We really do want our customers to be successful, for their sake as well as ours.

What does it mean to want your customers succeed? Whether you are selling products or a service, you probably want your customers to be successful, and when you do, it reflects on you. Let’s think of some examples:

  • A hair stylist wants her clients to look great.
  • A computer company wants their clients to be happy with their computer and use it with confidence.
  • A car company wants their customers to be safe and get where they are going reliably.
  • A fitness trainer wants his clients to be healthy and fit.
  • A Bed and Breakfast owner wants his guests to be comfortable and relaxed.

In a world where we hear news everyday about “greedy business people,” perhaps, being interested in the success of your customer is what can set you apart. What do you think?

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