Will Google+ Replace Facebook?

by Admin on July 21, 2011

Google plusWe’ve been asked this question a thousand times in the last month. And I believe the simple answer is “no”. The reason being is that I don’t think that they are competing in the same space.

Google+ is information oriented, while Facebook is relationship oriented. Nothing happens on the “Profile” side of Facebook until two people agree to have a relationship (i.e. friend each other). Now the “Pages” side of Facebook is different, but the heart of
Facebook is the Profile. Google+ is more like Twitter where you can “follow” someone without their permission. But Google+ doesn’t have many of the restrictions that Twitter has (e.g. number of characters, rich media, etc.).

Because of its informational nature, Google+ may be more effective for businesses, especially SEO purposes. But its ultimate success will, of course, depend upon how many users it gets. The latest estimates are between 10 and 18 million users.

Do you use Google+? If so, what do you like or not like about it?


2 comments on “Will Google+ Replace Facebook?

  1. Herb Lawrence on said:

    Hi Christi great article. I am on G+ and loving it BUT… Right now it is dominated since it is still invitation only beta to early adopters, geeks (sorry guys) and social media types wanting to take it for a spin.

    I will say it is a dream cooperate in and navigate. It is clean, lots of white space, not crowded like FB circles have great potential for segmenting etc etc BUT… With all that said from a marketing standpoint right now untilGoogle opens up the business platform so we can see how will look it is still a shiny new toy

    And of course as well are always telling small biz types you go where your customers are…not where YOU want to be and right now your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. As neat as it is IF your customers don’t migrate later on neither should the brick and mortar store. Not enough time in the Dayton maintain current platforms let alone add another

    Thanks for posting this article and reminding your readers even Facebook’sovernight success took years have a great weekend

  2. Christi on said:

    I’m with you Herb, I think this is one to watch. We are so stretched for time as it is. Not sure that another social media platform is what the world needs right now.

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