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by blogmistress on October 17, 2011

solving problemsWhen you look at a page on your website, can you tell within 4 seconds what the purpose of the page is? Can you tell what problems it solves? Last week we discussed 6 things every webpage should have. The very first thing listed was a goal. How can you determine what the goal of your page is?

  1. Does the page solve a problem or create a problem? What problem does it solve?
  2. Does the page address your target market? What kind of information is your target market looking for? Can they find it on your site?
  3. Is the content on your page current? Is it updated to reflect the current problems of your target market?
  4. Is your call to action appropriate for your goal? Is it easy to find or are there barriers on the page that keep your target audience from seeing the purpose.

We should always be think in terms of what our target market needs, what their problems are and, of course, how our product or service solves that problem. Remember, when people find your site online, it is because they were looking for you. They were looking for an answer. When we provide answers to what our target market is looking for, our websites are more effective for our customers and our business as well.

What are the goals of your website?


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