Successful Internet Marketing Isn’t Magic

by blogmistress on July 23, 2012

Ever wonder why some businesses succeed at internet marketing and some don’t? To succeed at internet marketing, you must follow a process.

Set goals – decide where you want to be. If you have no destination, you won’t be able to devise a strategy to get anywhere. Setting goals is very important to successful internet marketing.

Define your target market – who is your target market? What needs are you meeting? What problems are you solving for them?

Now that you have goals and have defined your target market, you can devise a strategy to meet your goals. Successful internet marketing involves three steps:

  1. Attract – Make sure your target market can find you online. Some of the strategies involved may be search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, blogging, pay-per-click, etc. What is involved in the “attract” area will be determined by your goals and your target market.
  2. Convert – Now that you have attracted your target market to your internet presence, it is time to convert them into leads and customers. This involves educating your visitors, implementing appropriate calls to action and landing pages. Again, what your specific strategy will involve is determined by your goals and your target market.
  3. Analyze – How are your efforts paying off? Measure your visits, your conversion rates, your leads to customer rates. Are you reaching your goals? Do you need to make adjustments? If you aren’t measuring, you will have no way of knowing if you are successful or not. This is no time to guess about your success or to measure how you “feel” you are doing. Get the data and analyze it and make sure you are spending your time and money wisely.

Successful internet marketing isn’t magic, it isn’t something that just happens. It is something that takes planning and work.

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