Staying Safe on the Internet

by CDW on May 29, 2010

We discussed internet safety on The Margaret Banks Show on Saturday. Take some time and stay safe on the web! Some of the highlights:

  • Protect your password – make sure your password is not something someone can guess and don’t tell anyone what it is.
  • Avoid clicking on links in emails.
  • Check out what is posted about you. Go to Google search and type in your name and see what comes up.
  • Use virus checkers. There are lots of free ones like AVG and Spybot and Spyware Doctor. You can search for any of them on Google or Yahoo or Bing and download them.
  • Check out how you are listed on You can remove yourself from the listings by clicking on “privacy” at the bottom of the screen and following the directions.
  • Be careful about who you hand your credit card to. There are now card swiping devices that can connect to a mobile phone.
  • Often emails that are forwarded over and over containing funny or inspirational messages (especially ones that urge you to forward to friends immediately for a blessing or to see what will happen) are actually collecting email addresses. Avoid forwarding those types of emails and ask your friends not to forward them to you.

Privacy is becoming a rare commodity in today’s world. Do what you can to stay safe!

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