Is Social Media the Secret Weapon for Small Business?

by Admin on November 12, 2009

Small businesses are much more likely to use social media than large businesses according to the 2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study.

Small Businesses are more likely to use social media

Small Businesses are more likely to use social media

Why is that? The report does not look into the reasons, but I think there a few reasons that are obvious. Many larger companies ban social media use by their employees out of the fear that employees will squander work time. These fears have been seen before as far back as adopting the use of the telephone!

Small businesses may find it easier to adopt new media because they are more flexible. Large companies are like big ships. They are big and bulky and it takes them time to turn and maneuver. Small businesses are more like speed boats that can maneuver quickly around obstacles and adjust quickly.

The fact that small businesses are more likely to use social media gives them a great advantage. They can communicate directly with their customers and potential customers easily. They can create podcasts and webinars without big production costs that large companies would, no doubt, find a way to spend. Rather than being a faceless, nameless, large company, small businesses can use social media to be in touch in a personal way through social media.

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