My Mom is Your Customer

by blogmistress on March 16, 2009


My mother is 70 years old. Just this past weekend we had a conversation where she was telling me how you could save money buying things on line. She does a lot of her shopping online. She signs up to find out about specials and when she sees something she needs on sale, she goes and buys it online. She was telling me how she gets good buys, she doesn’t have to drive and find a parking space and deal with crowds or un-interested sales clerks. She buys from sites where she gets good deals and good service. She will buy from national stores online and have items delivered to the local store to save on shipping. She will look at local store sites to see if they have what she wants before she drives to purchase. She loves when she buys makeup online and they add samples to her shipment.

What are the lessons from this conversation? First be online! Second, be online where you can be found. Third, offer opt-in notification of sales. Fourth, offer great online service. Make sure you have a visible way for customers to reach you with questions. Fifth, do something extra. Adding the samples ensured that she would definitely order from the online business where she purchased makeup again.

photo by Silver Starre via Flickr

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