Lessons from Steve Jobs

by blogmistress on August 1, 2011

Steve JobsMy husband, Joe B.,  is a what people call a Mac addict. His first computer was an Apple /// in 1979 and he has stuck with Apple since then. This past week, there was a story about Apple having more money than the U. S. Government. It seems that every few weeks or so, there is more news of Apple’s latest success. I asked Joe B. what he thought was the reason for Apple’s success. He summed it up quickly . . . Steve Jobs and innovation. Here are a couple of take-aways that your business (and mine) can ponder from Steve Jobs:

  • Think different – That used to be the Apple slogan and it is exactly what they have done. Some of their industry changing products include the iPod, the iPhone, iTunes and the app exchange. Users of these products are always amazed by their capabilities and the thought that has been put into them. One of Joe B.’s examples was when they gave you the ability to listen to a specific message in y0ur voice mail without having to go through all of them. It is a little thing but it made a big difference to him that they thought of it.
  • Build great products – In an interview of Steve Jobs that I read, this is one of things that he and his partner, Steve Wasniak learned when they worked at Hewlett Packard that they brought with them to Apple. It is all about making a product great. Some have criticized Steve Jobs as being a control freak. His dislike of Adobe Flash is an example of how passionate he is about doing it right. He feels so strongly about Flash being a security risk, memory and resource drain and is not touch-based that he does not allow it on his hand held devices (of course their are apps to get around that). He has moved past PC, desktop based computers and is focusing on the future and what that will bring.
  • Think ahead – Steve Jobs and his team at Apple are always thinking ahead and being innovative. It seems that everyone else is just trying to keep up. As soon as they catch up, Apple announces a new innovation.

How can you apply any of these lessons from Steve Jobs to your own business? Are you doing anything innovative? It may true that, right now, most of the innovation is in the fields of technology. How are you utilizing that? Something to think about. I know, I am.

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