HubSpot Certified Partner – Why We Did It

by blogmistress on June 1, 2011

HubSpot Certified PartnerPeople ask us why Wharton Marketing became a HubSpot Certified Partner. What if there was a methodology for getting your business found on the internet, converting visitors into leads for your business and then a way to measure the results to make sure you are going in the right direction? What if there was a software package that had all the tools you need to do this well with the tools being well integrated? The answer to both of those questions is – “There is! It’s called HubSpot!”

The HubSpot inbound marketing methodology of:

  • Get Found
  • Convert
  • Analyze

is one that has proven itself over and over with thousands of businesses.It has gotten the attention of investors who have recently added $32 million of additional venture capital to HubSpot. One of the investors, Sequoia Capital says,

Sequoia Capital has a long history of partnering with founders to help them build long-term, multi-billion dollar companies, including Google, LinkedIn, AdMob, YouTube, Yahoo!, Apple, and Oracle. “We back companies that are transforming their industries,” said Jim Goetz, General Partner at Sequoia Capital.

HubSpot is transforming the internet marketing industry. We use the methodology and the software ourselves, and it has literally transformed our business. We used to offer website design and SEO. Now, we have tools to help businesses grow in a very meaningful way to meet their goals, and we can measure ROI. What we do still includes website design and SEO, but it is soooo much more.

We didn’t have to become Certified Partners to work with HubSpot. We could have been resellers (VARs) who also used the software. However, we took the additional step of getting the training and passing the certification exam because we wanted to be actual partners with a company that is transforming its industry and helping businesses that are serious about growing and reaching their marketing goals.

I even took an additional step to become a HubSpot Certified Educator. Now, not only do I use the inbound marketing methodology, I teach it to others as well as use it to help our customers. By the way, this same methodology is now being taught at Harvard Business School.

What are your marketing goals? Are you serious about growing your business? If you are committed to growing, we can help by partnering with you and committing to help you grow.

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