How To Train Web Spiders

by blogmistress on April 18, 2011

web spiderA search engine spider is a program that follows, or “crawls”, links throughout the internet, grabbing content from sites and adding it to search engine indexes. Spiders will visit your site and see what new content you have. However, the less new content you have, the less they will visit you.

Did you know you can train web spiders? Because web spiders are specifically looking for new content, the frequency of their visits to your site is determined by how often your site has been updated in the past. If  you only update your content once a month, the search engine spiders know they only need to visit on a monthly basis to see your new content.

If you are updating your content at least once a week, thee search engine spiders will get used to coming around weekly to index your new content and indexing that new content means it is then available to be found by search engines! Those web spiders are looking for new content so you have to feed them new content to get them trained to come and visit your site.

A blog is the best and easiest way for businesses to add new content on a regular basis. Work on adding great content that will not only be crawled by spiders and indexed by search engines, but will be attractive to people when they are searching.

Another tool that helps spiders and search engines is an xml site map. XML is a document structure and encoding standard that is the standard for spiders to find and parse site maps. Site maps can improve search engine optimization by making sure that all of your content can be found. You can set your site map so that it will notify search engines when you have new content so the spiders will not only be trained to come back, but will get an invitation to see your new content.

Businesses wanting to be found on the web have to come to terms with the fact that content creation that is search engine friendly is imperative to growing online.

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