How to increase the life span of your battery?

by Admin on March 27, 2012

We all use equipment with lithium-ion batteries, cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. And we have all experienced the battery charge in that equipment not lasting as long as it once did. Even if you don’t use the equipment for a few years and try to charge it, it won’t work.

A number of factors can accelerate battery degradation (see study from Battery University).

Battery Temperature

Permanent capacity loss when
stored at 40% state-of-charge

(recommended storage charge level)

Permanent capacity loss when
stored at 100% state-of-charge

(typical user charge level)





2% loss in 1 year; 98% remaining

4% loss in 1 year; 96% remaining

15% loss in 1 year; 85% remaining

25% loss in 1 year 75%; remaining

6% loss in 1 year; 94% remaining

20% loss in 1 year; 80% remaining

35% loss in 1 year; 65% remaining

   40% loss in 3 months

By not charging your battery fully, your run time might be a little less, but your battery will last longer. Heat is also a factor in battery degradation. Keep this in mind when recharging the batteries in your equipment.


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