How To Be Remarkable?

by blogmistress on August 4, 2011

Be RemarkableI was reading Joe B.’s post yesterday that talked about website design and being remarkable and easy to use. It got me to thinking. What does it mean to be remarkable. What does it mean to be creative? That brought me full circle back to being useful and making things easy. Making things easy is what is remarkable. It is what drives innovation.

Think about how many innovations have occurred to make things easier. The light bulb makes it easier for us to read and live after the sun goes down. Ever had your electricity go out after dark? Those candles and flashlights just don’t get the job done quite as well. How about the microwave. Microwaves make it easy and fast to heat up/cook food.

The telephone made it easier for us to connect with our neighbors and friends and family and even easier to contact help in case of emergencies. Now, we have cell phones that help us stay connected all the time. We used to have to dial numbers on rotary phones. Think about how long that took compared to today when you just look at your contact list and tap a button or speak a name and it calls them automatically.

When the internet was invented, it wasn’t intended to be used as it is today, but innovation took over and has driven us to where we are now. We can now connect so easily! Ease of use is what drive innovation!

How can you be remarkable? Make things easy! Can you streamline your product? Can you make it faster, smaller, easier to use? Maybe you provide a service. What can you do to make things easier for your customers? Can you provide better, faster service with more attention to detail? How many times have you stood in a checkout line and thought, “There must be a better way?” How many times have you needed information and had a difficult time finding it? How many times have you started a project and discovered you didn’t have all the tools you needed?

Sometimes, don’t you just think, “There must be and easier way!” Do your customers think that about your products and services? Okay, here is your chance to be remarkable – just figure out a way to make things easier!


2 comments on “How To Be Remarkable?

  1. Herb Lawrence on said:

    Great article thanks for sharing it. Love the idea of what is remarkable? For your small business readers remind them remarkable is in the “eyes of the beholder” so you are remarkable to your customers if your messages show them how they can be better at what ever they do. Whether it is showing them how to make more profits, connect with customers better or just add value to their customers lives. Wharton Marketing is remarkable! Keep em coming

  2. Christi on said:

    Thanks Herb, You and ASBTDC are remarkable! You are so right about remarkable being in the eyes of the beholder. Helping others succeed is a great way to be remarkable!

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