How Did We Live Without the Internet?

by Admin on September 30, 2009

I may be dating myself here, but I remember those days.

When we wanted to take a trip, we went to the travel agent and booked flights and hotels, and hoped they knew the best spots. We never knew about the unique little resort by the lake unless our travel agent knew about it. We didn’t have any idea what really great restaurant was in the area unless we heard about it from our friends or neighbors. Now, we just go online and check out the flights, compare prices and purchase and print our tickets. Now, we just go online and we can see pictures of the hotels and resorts with their rates on their websites, we can see menus and reviews of the area restaurants on their websites, and find out if there are any special events happening in the area.

When we broke a piece of mom’s wedding china that has been discontinued, we were sad. We couldn’t go online and get a replacement on Ebay or We may not have even known that there was a place in our own home town that sold older pieces of fine china. Now, we just go online and look for her china pattern, how much it cost and can have it replaced before she even notices it missing.

When we wanted to know our bank balance, we waited for our bank statement and then subtracted any checks that we had written since the statement was printed. We couldn’t go online and see what our current balance was from anywhere in the world.

When we wanted to call the new store that just opened up, we had to call information to get their number or wait for the new phone book. Now, we can just go online and look up their phone number and even get information about their products and any sales they might be having and a map to their location, all on their website.

When we wanted to buy a house, we had to go to the real estate office and look through their out of date MLS books with the small black and white pictures. Now, we just go online and find houses for sale with nice color pictures and sometimes even virtual tours. We don’t have to deal with whatever Realtor greets us at the door. Now, we can go to the agent’s personal website and read about them. We can see what kind of experience they have, read testimonials and see what their interests are so we can find one that we want to work with.

These are but a few examples of how the internet has changed the world. Has your business changed with it? Does your business have a website that is up to date and has information about your great products and services? Does your business have a website at all? It’s hard to believe that we are fast approaching 2010 and there are still businesses, large and small, that do not have websites.

If your business has a website, keep it up to date. If your business doesn’t have a website, get one. Don’t let your competition leave you behind.

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