Facebook Business Page Checklist

by CDW on August 17, 2010

Facebook Business Page Checklist

A while back we published a Facebook checklist for business pages and we think it is probably worth publishing again. We have noticed that many Facebook business pages are not taking advantage of the vanity URL option that Facebook provides. It is #10 on our list.

The Facebook vanity URL will help you promote your page by giving you a short and more meaningful URL to use in your marketing communications. The vanity URL for our page is www.facebook.com/whartonmarketing – that is much easier to communicate than the string of numbers an characters that are in the URL that Facebook assigns you!

If you haven’t already done it – go get your vanity URL today! Look over the list and see what else you can do to improve your Facebook Business Page!

Facebook Business Page Checklist

Have you completely filled out all your information?

2. Did you use your keywords in your description?

3. Did you include contact information on your page?

4. Do have a strategy for:

-What you will post
-How often you will post

And, are you committed to keeping it up?

5. Do you have a plan for getting fans?

6. Have you published your page?

7. Are you a fan of your page?

8. Have you added your page to your profile’s favorites?

9. Is your website linked on your page?

10. Have you created a vanity URL? (http://www.facebook.com/username)

11. Does your website link to your Facebook page?

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