Blog/Social Media – 5 Things, Part 1

by blogmistress on January 19, 2009

How can blogging and social media help your business? This week, I offer a challenge. Each day this week, take 10-15 minutes to explore 5 things. This blog will discuss each one the 5 things this week. What are the 5 things?

  1. Blogs
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Facebook
  4. Flickr
  5. YouTube

Today, explore blogs. Go to technorati and find blogs that relate to your business. See how other people are using blogs to promote their businesses. Some are more effective than others. What do you think makes a business blog effective? How could your business use a blog to establish expertise? If your business already has a blog, great! Do you see ways that you could use your blog more effectively?

Make a list of at least 3 ways your business could use a blog.

2 comments on “Blog/Social Media – 5 Things, Part 1

  1. From the ASU Small Business and Technology Development Center standpoint, blogging seems to be a natural and effective way to communicate with small business owners and entrepreneurs in the state about issues important to them, and ways we can work with them to improve their business. I see my three ways to be to:
    1. Educate small business owners and entrepeneurs about the services available
    2. Provide information through articles, posts, etc that could be beneficial to them
    3. Obviously to promote our training seminars

    My question as a complete novice here is how do I get readers to come to my blog once I create it? What are some easy (note easy) steps that a technologically challenged person can do to get traffic?


  2. Christi on said:

    Hi Herb,

    You raise a great question. How do I get someone to read my blog? David Risley addresses this well at and here is another great piece by Copy Blogger.

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