Blog Marketing Can Fuel Your Website

by blogmistress on August 31, 2011

blog marketingGrowing businesses are always looking to acquire new assets and to protect those assets. Often, businesses don’t realize the value of their website as an asset for their business. Many times, especially in small businesses, a website is something that is added as an afterthought and not seen as a valuable part of a marketing strategy.

How you use and protect your assets tells you a lot about how valuable that asset is to you. If you purchase a vehicle for your business, you will probably take good care of it, even though the value of a vehicle certainly depreciates quickly. You definitely wouldn’t purchase a vehicle for your business and then never use it or put gas in it. The purpose of a vehicle is to get you from one point to another. Without fuel the vehicle is useless. If you don’t use the vehicle, it is not serving its intended purpose and has no value.

Why then, do so many business have websites that are not being used as a valuable marketing tool. A website does not depreciate in value like a vehicle does. In fact, the value of a website can appreciate in value if it is used properly. How can you fuel your website and continually be adding value to it? By blogging. Blog marketing is simply adding content to your site on a regular and consistent basis that is of value to your visitors. It also helps you get found by new visitors because it is constantly giving search engines new, fresh material to serve to them.

Don’t neglect what can be one of your best business assets. Use blog marketing to attract more visitors to your site. Use compelling calls to action to convert your visitors into customers, and then, of course, analyze your results and adjust accordingly.

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