Bad Enonomy? What Are You Going to Do?

by blogmistress on February 9, 2009


Here is a great blog post from David Risley entitled, “How Are You Responding to the Economy?” Basically, David Risley is going to work his back end off and make what he knows work for him.

Not a bad idea. We all have to find a way to make things work in this economy. The media is not going to help us with their gloom and doom reports. I’m with David, I’m going to put my nose to the grindstone and work hard and help as many people as I can. Enjoy the article and let’s have a great week.

photo from flickr by free lance illustrator, Tom Robinson, entitled “Off the charts, in the wrong direction.”

2 comments on “Bad Enonomy? What Are You Going to Do?

  1. Great article there is nothing we can do to change the economy but we can work smarter. What it really means is that since the “low hanging fruit” isn’t so low hanging anymore small businesses need to concentrate on improving their marketing process, taking advantage of all types of channels to communicate with their customers.

    What it also means is that they need to start identifying their market segments, concentrate on developing messages that appeal to those groups. One message fits all approach doesn’t work.

    Small businesses in Baxter County area need to plan to attend our Recession Proofing and our Simple Market Research Techniques seminar February 17th and March 24th respectively.


  2. Christi on said:

    You can sign up for those seminars by calling (870) 972-3517 or going to

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