5 Ways to Use Social Media Location Marketing

by blogmistress on August 8, 2011

The use of smart phones is still on the rise. From eMarketer:

smart phone usage

Many of the people that use smart phones, use them to access social media:

smart phone and social media

So what does that mean for your business? Most people who are accessing business information through social media are either looking for their location or they are looking for deals. That means that location based social media is an important factor to consider. Some key points to keep in mind before you get involved in location based social media are:

  1. Start with a plan. You want to encourage check-ins and build loyalty. You can do this with deals and rewards, however, you have to do it in a way that doesn’t give away the store.
  2. Consider incorporating non-monetary rewards along with your deals such as special recognition. For instance, you could offer a special parking place or a special table.
  3. Make sure your entire team is informed and involved. Nothing can spoil a social media location promotion more than an uninformed team. Get everyone involved in making the process successful!
  4. Encourage competition. This can help build loyalty, and it is also fun.
  5. Measure the value that location based media adds to your brand and adjust accordingly.

Location based social media can be fun and rewarding for your business. Just make sure that you have a clear plan of action that includes goals and measures results. Is your business using location based social media? How is it working for you? What changes have you made that have been successful?


2 comments on “5 Ways to Use Social Media Location Marketing

  1. Herb Lawrence on said:

    Thanks for sharing especially important for our area small businesses to start thinking about how mobile and those smart phones can impact their online marketing. With so many options available to your customers on smart phones it really is important to develop that plan and get a better understanding of what mobile really means.

  2. Christi on said:

    Herb, having a plan is so important. There is a huge market for location based deals. I hope more of our local businesses will start taking advantage of it!

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