2009 Business Trends

by blogmistress on February 24, 2009

Working from home

I recently read a research report listing the top 10 business trends for 2009 by Emergent Research. Among other things, the report predicts that baby boomers will trend towards starting small businesses. This is because their retirement accounts are dwindling and traditional employment opportunities are less available to them. Interestingly enough, the report also predicts GenY trending towards starting small businesses as well. With the slumping economy, they also have limited traditional employment opportunities and their risk and opportunity costs are relatively low.

Also in the report is the prediction that in 2009, mobile computing will continue to be strong and have a major impact on small businesses. Small businesses can be connected by notebooks and smart phones in ways they have never had the ability to utilize before.

And, last but not least, the report predicts that small businesses will increase their use of online marketing tools. Online marketing is cheaper and often more effective than traditional approaches.  And although online marketing can be complex, there are many resources available to small businesses.

Read the complete report at http://genylabs.typepad.com/emergent_research/2009-top-ten-small-business-trends.html

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