10 Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t Hire Your Cousin to do Your Website

by blogmistress on January 7, 2009

Does your business need a website? The answer to this is YES! Now that that question has been answered the next step is to do it. Now, you could get your cousin/friend/brother-in-law/fill in the blank to do it. Unless your cousin/etc. is a professional web designer with internet marketing experience here are the top 10 reasons you probably shouldn’t hire him:

  1. Your cousin is not familiar with elements that move websites to the top of search engine searches.
  2. Your cousin does not know how to optimize pictures so they will load fast.
  3. Your cousin has another job and can only work on your site during his free time.
  4. Your cousin thinks that splash pages are a great idea (hint: if you have to add a button that says “click to skip” it is probably not a good idea).
  5. Your cousin has technical skills but has no idea what is needed to run a business.
  6. Your cousin uses FrontPage to develop his websites.
  7. Your cousin thinks that submitting your site to 300 search engines will move your site up on Google.
  8. Your cousin will put a cool counter on your page. (Hint: please don’t get your web statistics from and ancient counter on the page).
  9. Your cousin doesn’t know what a call to action is.
  10. Your cousin wants to use a laundry list of keywords.

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